Niksa N

Mumbai Green Retrofit

Experienced Sustainability Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental and construction industry. Skilled in data analytics, climatic risk modelling, designing, creative thinking, research in sustainable practices. Strong community and social services professional with a Bachelor's degree focused on Civil and Environmental Engineering and Industrial Design. Passionate and focused on achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2025. An avid traveller and Kathak dancer.


One of the biggest threat climate change brings to Mumbai and cities across the world, is indefinitely sinking. As the temperatures rise, glaciers melt at an unprecedently rate; destruction of marine ecosystem and mangroves make Mumbai even more vulnerable. We occupy indoor spaces (residential and commercial) for 90% of our time. They also account for maximum resource consumption and pollution. Empowering the people and carious stakeholders to evade environmental devastation. There is new construction as well, but our cities have more than 70% existing infrastructure that will last for at least the next 15 years to come. Understanding and developing a full-proof plan to implement across the city dimension which includes residential societies, colonies, office spaces, malls, theatres, restaurants and so on. My main aim is to connect with local government officers to enable green offices throughout Mumbai’svarious municipality departments. Police stations, railway stations, bus stops, BMC offices, bus and fire stations, metro project, Mantralaya and other government owned infrastructure across Mumbai utilize resources such as energy, water and generate waste. Through this project, generate a report to calculate and benchmark the carbon footprint and suggest sustainable solutions to reduce their carbon emissions. Seek and develop an open and supportive atmosphere for discussion regarding climate change, empower the various sectors of society to create feasible change to achieve the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Lay out various low-carbon strategies and pave way towards implementation of short-term and long-term retrofit green technology. Resulting in decreased resource consumption thereby reduced utility costs, better indoor quality & comfort and an increased awareness amongst the occupants.

The research’s main aim would be to develop a decentralized sustainable system, built using advance technology with short-term and long-term goals. Utilizing concept of biomimicry, explore methods to proficiently manage resources applicable across the diverse topography. Parallel to this, address issues such as renewable energy, waste management, heat island effect and efficient space utilization. Made to be commercially viable, so that it can truly make a change in the sustainable development paradigm around the world. I have been fortunate to work with world renowned builders, multinational companies and startups led by visionaries wanting to make a difference. In all projects entrusted to me I have been able to clearly communicate to all around me that our environment must be treated as sacrosanct! There is no alternative or version to that statement. In pursuit of always pushing my limits to find solutions that will help us all coexist with our environment. Also working on a 100-acre Government campus to help them achieve their carbon neutrality goals, we reduced nearly 20% of their carbon emissions in just one year. That’s when I was determined to work with more government agencies to facilitate them with expert advise of being carbon neutral. Mumbai being my birthplace, I am determined to lead the project in greening this economic driven city. Only through extensive information and experimentation will a perfect design emerge. In order to create real impact, extension of functionality and life should be considered. And most important is simplicity. This way, no matter which part of the world topographically or culturally, one can install this system globally at any scale. My work focuses intensively on working with government and corporate to calculate their environmental impact using various indicators and more importantly, provide solutions to reduce, negate and offset those carbon emissions. I expertise in reporting ESG for various corporates and managing the bio-capacity required to offset untreated carbon, negate carbon buildup in the atmosphere, and reduce the overall carbon footprint.


What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. Jane Goodall. Looking back at the trajectory of my academic choices, I know that it was not one seminal moment but rather a series of ‘nudges’ from the universe that have brought me to this momentous day when my dream of making a positive difference to the environment will become a reality. During my school years, I remember being awestruck by the natural beauty surrounding my alma mater. Throughout my academic and professional career, I have dived deep to explore sustainable building methodology and techniques. Throughout my academic and professional life, I have been dedicated towards reducing the environmental impact. The road was arduous and laden with road blocks. yet I prevailed! I found my niche! I knew which line of study would help me make a difference! In 2017 and 2019 I created art installations for Kala Ghoda Art Festival that inspired visitors to rethink the way they understand the complex relationship we have with nature. For the past 2.5 years I have been heading the sustainability department at an environmental NGO that vigorously working across India. My personal lifestyle too deeply reflects these principles!

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