Project: REMIXEcology - Racial & Ethnic Minorities in Exploration Ecology

Cidney has 10 years of experience as an environmental professional, including assessing the environmental stewardship of a private cleantech company’s investments in water treatment and electronics recycling companies.

Cidney holds a bachelor's degree in Geology from The George Washington University and a Master's degree in Environmental Management from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. Her graduate research on water-energy nexus issues led to co-authoring a peer-reviewed publication, which was awarded Environmental Science & Technology's 2013 Paper of the Year. She is passionate about education and promotes the development and advancement of minority talent in STEM as a mentor, guest speaker and fundraiser for the United Negro College Fund.


"REMiXEcology’s mission is to provide under-represented individuals the opportunity to cultivate relationships with themselves, each other and nature in order to holistically improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This venture is part of a national movement that reconnects minorities with the great outdoors by providing safe, inclusive and educational hiking experiences to explore, de-stress and play. Cultivating these connections can promote mental and emotional resilience in the face of climate impacts and increase awareness about the importance of equitable environmental stewardship. We protect what we love. As we strengthen minorities’ visible relationship with outdoor spaces, our coalition grows to include everyone’s ideas and creativity in addressing climate  change. We cannot move far or fast with one arm tied behind our backs. REMiXEcology’s mission grow’s our impact in addressing climate change."


"Black and brown communities have historically and continue to be impacted worst and first in regard to the negative effects of climate change. It is our responsibility to ensure our futures are equitable, economical and sustainable. Our commitment is to foster a culture of ownership of outdoor spaces to inspire
communities to invest and thrive in the sustainability of our future.

Growing up in an urban setting, I had limited access to or awareness of outdoor environments and the health benefits it provides. The representation of who takes advantage of nature did not look like me or reflect my culture. Only 1 in 5 visitors to national parks are people of colour. It leads to a feeling of isolation and a stigma  that minorities don’t care about the environment and how it impacts our livelihood. As black women in STEM professions, my co-founder Maisha and I experience the challenges of why representation matters and founded REMiXEcology to break down those barriers."

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