Project: Mapping For A Sustainable Future

Jordyn Spizale is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst for an engineering consulting firm located in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is an established GIS professional with a wide variety of experience in the private, public, and academic sectors, and has previously worked at Stennis Space Center in the NASA Develop Program. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Louisiana State University and a Master of Science degree from the University of New Orleans in Earth and Environmental Science with a focus in coastal geology. Her thesis work studied the geomorphic evolution of barrier island inlets and their effects on coastal erosion along Louisiana. She is a Louisiana Native, and has lived in New Orleans for nine years. Apart from her professional work, she is also a New Orleans Business Alliance Economic Ambassador and a part of the New Orleans Young Leadership Council Leadership Development Series. 


"Geographic Information Systems is a powerful and innovative software that is utilised to gather and analyse data from various sources. My goal is to take a big picture approach in solving the climate emergency. By utilising GIS software to overlay and examine open source environmental and demographic data, we can help business leaders and non-profits make important and sustainable decisions based on findings. From there, I want to do a pilot study focusing on a specific theme, such as alternative energy and power, green infrastructure, and equity to measure their potential effects on women and lower income communities. I will communicate my results using infographics, email campaigns, and social media posts to increase social awareness and help people mitigate their carbon footprint. It's important to think of climate change from an economic development standpoint, so I also want to reach out to business leaders and non-profits to help them formulate their own sustainable plan in preparing for the long-term effects of climate change to their business by providing them with these resources and incentives. I believe this focus on green initiatives can attract new business, as well as help local business reach a larger client base."


"Battling climate change is all about geography, and New Orleans and coastal Louisiana are at the front lines of the global climate fight. Witnessing the direct effects of climate change in my lifetime, through growing up in a coastal town, has given me a keen understanding of a community on the brink of deterioration. This personal experience has driven me to study earth science in school and is motivating me now to help try to solve the complexity of climate change on a global scale."

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