Ai Loan

Project: Sezono

After six years working as a strategy consultant in multinational firms, Ai Loan Dupuis decided to start a new journey that combined her passions for cooking and nature. Work by Pierre Rabhi, Al Gore, Demain, En quête de Sens, Al Gore, and the Slow Food movement inspired her to fight for better respect of the planet. She launched Sezono in January 2019 to encourage people to eat more sustainably, providing access to gourmet offerings to reconsider eating as an engaged act.   


Sezono aims to reconnect people to nature: to cook what nature offers locally at its own rhythm. Sezono wants to welcome all food lovers no matter their dietary requirements, to prove that sustainable cooking is accessible and delicious for everyone. Their cuisine puts vegetables at the heart of the plate; strictly following the seasons and sourcing 100% of fresh products locally from small, organic producers. Sezono promotes rare species of vegetables and fruits to respect biodiversity. Last but not least, they are mindful of waste in the kitchen: using returnable glass packaging for clients and recycling or composting what is left over.

Born in 2019, Sezono is now a catering service for companies and private events; they are aiming to open their first store and restaurant in the near future. Plans also include developing a garden in the Paris region to supply the store and clients with organic, local, and biodiverse vegetables.


I quickly realized that our way of living was putting our beautiful nature in danger, especially after volunteering in Madagascar in 2008. I climbed Kilimanjaro in 2013 and saw how the glacier had retreated in less than 20 years. I observed my colleagues in Brazil eating 500g of meat per meal every day. I decided to take action – using my childhood passion for cooking was the most natural way for me to fight against climate change.

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