Project: Low Carbon France

Convinced that every citizen can fight for a cause on their own scale, and particularly sensitive to current environmental issues for years, Amina decided to create Low Carbon France (LCF) on September 2017.


LCF is a citizen-led movement which aims at raising public awareness of various environmental topics, thus encouraging people to adjust their daily behaviour, and at building collective solutions to tackle climate change.

Amina is currently taking a Masters degree in Energy at the same time as she works for Engie as a business developer assistant in renewable energy. At work, Amina manages the 80 incredibly involved volunteers and interns and develops LCF. Thanks to a relentless effort, LCF co-staged the first International Straw-Free Day, during which more than 2,000 people were mobilized and staged the Forum “Building The Cities of Tomorrow” which gathered 100 keynote speakers and 3,700 attendees on September 2018.


I hold two Master degrees, in Finance and Energy Management. I have lived in Peru, Mexico, Colombia and the US and has visited more than 40 countries. In my life path, I realized I wanted to be a part of a team that contributes to the creation of a more sustainable planet, by taking action against climate change. I thus volunteered in several environmental associations or NGO. I also realised that events to push for good environmental practices are too often expensive, exclude children and are aimed to people that are already aware of environmental issues. That is why I decided to promote and organize free events; for children and adults, coming from different backgrounds, to include them in climate action. To do so, LCF benefits from positive, creative and participatory tools and connects citizens, policy-makers and experts to network knowledge and ideas.