Project: Photo-journalistic approach to change

Anna Filipova is a documentary photographer and research-based in Paris. She has an MA from the Royal College of Art (London). For the past few years, she has been focusing on the Arctic region, where she explores environmental topics based in remote and inaccessible areas.


She has worked for the International New York Times and has been published in: Reuters, CNN, The Telegraph, Dazed & Confused and The Guardian, amongst others. On numerous occasions, she has worked in Svalbard, Norway, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Sweden, Finland amongst others, on projects concerning environment and scientific research on global warming. 


A few years ago I spent some weeks in the Climate base in the Arctic – situated on the 79th parallel north on Svalbard archipelago. It houses the largest laboratory for modern Arctic research in existence. The woman research scientists who work under the North Pole research station on climate change and pollution issues are a true inspiration to me and have changed and inspired my work. They work in extreme conditions surrounded by polar bears. They believe in the work they do, and they never give up. I admire their courage and values. Some of the woman I can describe: Working in freezing conditions on small boats to collect sediments and water, working in isolation on the top of the Zeppelin, or the story of the young Italian woman still doing her PhD, who walked through the wilderness with strong winds and snow in complete darkness to change filters during the dark season with a rifle in case of a polar bear encounter. In these stories and experiences, you can really feel the dedication of all those people to their work.

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