Project: FLOWi, Urban Impact deal flow made easy.

Founder of FLOWi, the go-to platform where the investment and Sustainable City professionals get to build bridges and grow their climate & social impact deal flow. Elisa started her career as an Infra & Renewable Energy Project Finance banker in London, then turned city innovation matchmaker for Paris, to later become Sustainable & Impact finance strategy advisor for the investment management industry (Sustainalytics – ESG and Green Bonds & lending; and currently Strategy Advisory firm Indefi).

Having been raised in one of the world’s most complex mega-cities, Mexico City, Elisa has focused over the past decade in helping tackle sustainable city challenges through finance & partnerships.


FLOWi is where the Sustainable City and Investment professionals hunt & spot deals and partners. We make it effective and rewarding for our community members to connect, build trust and find the missing piece of the puzzle for their next Urban Impact deal to happen. This is enabled thanks to our Network & Fintech platform which offers:

  • a sourcing tool coupled with hunting mandates
  • Incentives, Virtual Currency & Rewards
  • the “Learning Flow”, a knowledge sharing hub
  • Local meetups for global climate & social action

Elisa wants to see high urban impact projects secure financing and get off the ground. Too often, these projects, the right intermediaries or co-investors find themselves off the radar of mainstream and specialized investors who do care about the positive impact of their investments. This is why, she decided to launch FLOWi, an impact sourcing meta-platform for the sustainable city finance community to help her multiply her matchmaking efforts, showcase and leverage existing initiatives and help bring together the missing equity, debt or project pieces of the puzzle for a given deal to happen.

Together with the talented board of advisors and small team she has the honor of having, she likes to call this platform the impact fintech network for the Sustainable City Finance professionals’ community.




For over 9 years, I have focused on helping develop enjoyable, low-carbon and inclusive cities and societies through structuring and promoting Sustainable and impact investment across the clean energy and infrastructure sectors in Europe and Latin-America and backing companies with solutions to urban and social challenges. Truly innovative small & medium sustainable infrastructure projects fail to attract private investment. To accelerate positive change and meet Deadline 2020, we urgently need to see these projects financed at scale and get off the ground. Having grown up in the complex City of Mexico in the eighties and nineties and having studied a master’s degree in finance to tackle urban & energy challenges, I am passionate about increasing the amount of capital flowing towards projects with a potential for a positive urban, social & environmental impact while creating returns for investors and public value for all. Using my skills in stakeholder engagement, infrastructure and sustainable finance, investors’ needs and expectations knowledge, experience helping entrepreneurs and deploying local government initiatives, I want to help the right projects get structured, marketed and unlock finance at scale to accelerate concrete change for the planet and the humanity.

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