Project: Helping unlock Finance for low-carbon, inclusive and happy cities

Elisa Galván-Mondié, Msc, is a sustainable finance advisor at the independent ESG ratings agency Sustainalytics, where she works with investors to help them develop their responsible & impact investment strategies as well as their green lending initiatives. She also assists bond issuers like Mexico City on Green and Social Bond external reviews. Prior to this, she was a sustainable city program manager for Paris innovation agency where she was responsible for designing and delivering multi-stakeholder open-innovation field-testing programs. Before this, she spent 5 years in London where she structured project finance transactions at Intesa Sanpaolo and Natixis in the renewable energy & infrastructure fields in Europe and Latin-America. Her objective is to help increase the number of projects and companies with a potential for a positive environmental & social impact that get off the ground and get financed at scale while creating returns for investors and public value for all.


For over 9 years, I have focused on helping develop enjoyable, low-carbon and inclusive cities and societies through structuring and promoting Sustainable and impact investment across the clean energy and infrastructure sectors in Europe and Latin-America and backing companies with solutions to urban and social challenges. Truly innovative small & medium sustainable infrastructure projects fail to attract private investment. To accelerate positive change and meet Deadline 2020, we urgently need to see these projects financed at scale and get off the ground. Having grown up in the complex City of Mexico in the eighties and nineties and having studied a master’s degree in finance to tackle urban & energy challenges, I am passionate about increasing the amount of capital flowing towards projects with a potential for a positive urban, social & environmental impact while creating returns for investors and public value for all. Using my skills in stakeholder engagement, infrastructure and sustainable finance, investors’ needs and expectations knowledge, experience helping entrepreneurs and deploying local government initiatives, I want to help the right projects get structured, marketed and unlock finance at scale to accelerate concrete change for the planet and the humanity.