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Project: AI and Knowledge Co-Production for Climate Change

Evangelina is an engineer specialized in climate change adaptation. She has worked as an energy planning consultant at the Ministry of Energy and Mining in Argentina, where she realized that she was professionally and personally motivated to improve people's quality of life. She participated in the adaptation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the development of the national plan for the fight against climate change. Her most recent assignments were at the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and the Local Agency for Climate and Energy in Saint Quentin en Yveline (ALEC SQY).

Evangelina is currently following a training programme in artificial intelligence (AI) at Microsoft AI School, where she leads the team contributing to the Riverine Input project for the NGO, Surfrider Foundation Europe. The project consists of co-creating a solution to climate change by implementing artificial intelligence. The focus will be water waste, specifically plastics. Rivers and oceans are the regulators of temperatures and generators of the natural water cycle - they have a very active role in climate change control. According to the Surfrider Foundation, 80% of “marine” waste does not originate directly in oceans. In most cases, big cities are implicated in that process.


The project hopes to shed some light on waste origination in large cities and make people aware of plastic consumption. When implemented, it will identify highly polluted areas and cross-reference these with existing data to identify where cleaning, education, and political actions can be developed. Participatory and integrated workshops will determine the tool’s requirements and the pilot area based on real needs and perceptions of the problem. Integration of individuals to project development. Creation of tools and information for the city, co-created by all: Government, NGOs, associations, and citizens.


At a very young age, I discovered that I had a passion for making this world a better place, for ourselves and for those who come after us. I want to raise public awareness of climate change; sustainable and responsible use of resources; and improve people’s quality of life by developing spaces where different actors can co-create solutions. I am deeply convinced that every small act and decision counts.  

I am compelled to find new ways to solve climate change-related issues. I joined as a volunteer in the SURFRIDER project where my main focus is collaborating in the implementation of artificial intelligence to identify different kinds of plastics in rivers. During this process, I realized that the project could also be adapted to cities to raise awareness of how urban activity impacts the oceans.

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