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After almost a decade in digital strategy ecosystem for big firms in France and abroad, Inès Leonarduzzi, 31 years old, is the CEO and founder of the Earth project, Digital for the Planet, which aims to develop digital sustainability and inclusive economy through durable and low-carbon technology. The inventor of the global concept of digital ecology, she developed this idea with researchers and scientific experts for three years after realizing that digital was a marvellous tool but inefficient in terms of sustainability. She is also a board member for numerous firms and city projects such as Somfy, EkWateur, StatioNord 2024, the Transitions Institute and the Circular Economy National Institute. She has been named a 2019 Franco-British Young Leader and one of the 92 women who are disrupting technology in France by Forbes. As a business leader, she entered the Choiseul ranking this year and was referred to as one of the geniuses of the digital ecosystem by Capital Magazine. Inès is also the founder of The WIT, a network of creative women entrepreneurs, active in Paris and New York. She is the president of “Ensemble Pour La Vie”, a foundation aiming to help families of children with cancer in France.


Digital for the Planet reconciles both ecology and business through the development of sustainable technologies; advises cities and companies with their low-carbon consumption; and raises awareness of the digital pollution problem. It operates in three activity centres: research and development with a technology lab; consulting services for digital sustainability strategy; training, education and action for citizens, governments and authorities, schools in France and abroad. We hope to raise a voice; to make digital pollution a sustainable development goal, and to address the right actors to change their minds and act to lower carbon emissions produced by digital.


To change, you need to care, and to care; you need to know. That’s the work I pursue every day with Digital for the Planet, to develop and design a conscientious digital of tomorrow, respectful of human beings and their environment. In that goal of protecting our planet, in the words of late Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Wangari Maathai: “our home and our future” - women need to lead and to learn from each other.

With 10 years experience as an international digital consultant for many groups in more than 10 countries, I reflected on how digital was working, the influence of its industry on climate change and discovered then there was no answer offered yet. I decided to quit everything to search and offer not only answers but solutions.

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