Project: EONEF

Julie Dautel is a designer-communicator, graduated from Sciences Po Paris. She holds a masters degree from the Beaux-Arts du Mans and another one from the Decorative Arts from Paris in Product Design. In 2016, she founded EONEF with Cédric Tomissi, a French start-up that designs aerial energy platforms. The devices are constructed as a balloon inflated with helium covered with very light-weight photovoltaic panels, and they fly with embedded features made autonomous in energy thanks to the solar panels and battery systems. These solar balloons provide connectivity and services in remote areas. Julie manages communication, marketing and customer relationship for the start-up.


EONEF is a social and solidarity company dedicated to social, environmental and economic impacts. Julie participates as a speaker at numerous conferences as well as professional and public meetings. She was invited to speak on the energy roundtable of the Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Young Leaders. She was also invited to write recommendations about entrepreneurship and innovation for the environment in the Essaouira Declaration. In September 2018, she was part of the French young entrepreneurs' delegation for the G20 Entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires.


In 2014, a friend and I participated in the humanitarian RAID of the 4L Trophy. The race consists of a  6200 km travel with 4L during 12 days in the Moroccan desert, in response to fundraising for school supplies and medical devices to children. I felt that this experience was enriching; discovered a new continent, new realities and ways of life and I learned to go beyond my limits. This experience was a calling and I wanted to do more.

In parallel to the challenge and my studies, I launched EONEF with Cédric Tomissi. We are both engaged in environmental and social causes and had the idea during a student competition.  Then, we decided to turn this idea into a business opportunity because it was an excellent concept to turn our master studies efforts into our professional lives. We wanted to create a positive impact. I am engaged with 3 topics: social entrepreneurship, gender equality and restoring access to important services to people who are cut off of benefit from a very low service quality.