Project: 1km à Pied

Laure Wagner is the founder of “1km à Pied”. After her first job at the Ministry of Environment, she joined the three co-founders of BlaBlaCar as their first employee to grow the carpooling marketplace: connecting millions of people who now share their rides. After 10 years as communications manager and spokesperson for BlaBlaCar, she is launching her own project to help companies and cities monitor their employees' daily commutes and reduce their impact. Her experience in tech startups, sustainable mobility, and HR culture enabled her to build an SaaS platform for the HR and CSR teams to produce automated mobility plans with personalised actions to save carbon. Laure is also a volunteer animator for the climate change awareness game, “La Fresque du climat”, and is aiming to reduce her personal carbon footprint to two tons a year.


To reduce the global CO2 emission by 45% over ten years to limit climate change requires massive and unprecedented changes across all sectors. This includes the transport sector, in particular car usage. "1km à pied" helps all companies monitor commutes, and identify personalized solutions to reduce carbon footprints. By using an anonymized human resources dataset, 1km à Pied runs diagnoses and identifies actions targeted at the three components of a daily commute: distance, frequency, and means of transportation. The software generates an internal interface so that HR and CSR teams can implement recommendations and monitor carbon savings. These changes benefit the company, its employees, and the environment.


The most visible goal of 1km à Pied is to support decreasing CO2 emissions before 2030 to meet the goals IPCC 1.5° scenario. But in addition to reducing commuting distance/ frequency, we also aim to design resilient neighbourhoods where people work closer to their homes and have more time to socialize. In times of scarcity, it is essential to foster local networks and build the groundwork for mutual help.

The 2018 IPCC report was a trigger for me to seek to lessen my environmental impact. I knew the facts and figures about daily commutes in France (74% of commutes are done by car and 60% of French employees are not eligible to work from home) but, despite the urgency of decarbonising the transportation sector, only 8% of companies so far have conducted a “mobility plan”. I decided to launch an HRtech platform to make it easy for companies to measure and direct their actions around commuting.

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