Project: Cities and Nature Based Solutions

Méliné Baronian graduated as an energy engineer from the École Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs de Poitiers in 2007. She has been working for the city of Versailles as an energy engineer for nearly 10 years. Since 2018, she has been in charge of implementing the PCAET (Plan Climat- Air-Energie Territorial) in the urban community. Méliné is also seeking funding to implement the city's strategies, which require a transversal approach with innovative solutions to solve the city's daily problems. In this context, she wrote the city’s proposal for a European project on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens by promoting greater interaction between humans and nature.


Most agree agrees that our future cities need to be greener and more liveable, but we are creating ever denser societies – this may leave limited space for nature in our cities. By building cities inspired by nature, relying on its skills to provide the public services of tomorrow, services ranging from lighting to stormwater management to public buildings could become driving forces to improve the wellbeing of inhabitants. The city of tomorrow may be greener, more liveable, and less dense because its natural spaces will no longer be simply recreational, but also capable of guaranteeing the city's public services. This new project proposes innovative NBS for carbon-neutral cities with improved air quality.


In 2013, I made a six-month trip to South America. With only one backpack, I discovered new countries and a different way of life. When I returned, I was no longer content with my old way of life. This journey inspires me daily and helps me to keep in mind that our choices and actions have an impact on future generations around the world. My motivation is to build a desirable and sustainable future for all. It is through innovative projects inspired by nature-based solutions that I want to achieve this objective.

What motivates me is to improve people's wellbeing. It’s by acting at the level of cities and involving citizens that we can fight against climate change. Addressing this subject through health and wellbeing makes it possible to take the climate problem and make it a tangible issue for citizens. The idea of promoting the benefits of NBS in cities was born from the application of a European project in which I actively involved Versailles. They can be deployed in many sectors, making nature an infinite source of inspiration for finding innovative solutions.

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