Shu Zhang
& Anaïs Ryterband

Project: Pandobac

After graduating from her masters at Ecole Centrale Paris, Shu passed a professional cook certification (CAP) and opened a restaurant in Paris. After 5 years of managing it, she decided to tackle packaging waste and started Pandobac together with Anaïs and Roch. She is now CEO at Pandobac, in charge of strategic partnerships and fundraising. Anaïs is CMO at Pandobac; she is in charge of external communications and commercial development. Previously she worked as a data analyst and as a financial analyst in France and Germany. She holds a Masters degree in Management from ESCP Europe.


Pandobac adopts a zero-waste approach to replace disposable packaging with reusable crates. Services provided are rental of reusable crates adapted for all kinds of goods; crate washing maintaining environmentally friendly standards; crate tracking via a proprietary platform, and training of users to maximise crate rotation. This creates a circular system. It takes advantage of existing logistics between food suppliers and restaurants. The advantages are simple: ecological benefits from suppressing packaging waste; cost-effectiveness as reusable crates are cheaper than disposable packaging. The crates are rented for a monthly fee to food suppliers: the more they are used, the cheaper the crates are.


Shu’s motivation stems from her experience as a restaurant owner and manager for 5 years. On her side, Anaïs developed a growing interest in zero waste over the past years and progressively changed her life habits to an approach more respectful of the planet. In 2017 she met Shu Zhang through common friends, and it was a turning point. Together with Roch Feuillade, a schoolmate of Shu’s, they decided to kick-start Pandobac. The three of them believe that “the best waste is the one that does not exist” and they want to make the world a better (waste-free) place!

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