Wybrid - The Green Future Of Work

Princy Goyal is a 24 years old award winning entrepreneur on a mission to Re-Inspire The Workforce of India.


Mumbai, the city of dreams, is home to over 20,961,472 people. But the irony is, this hustle capital is known as the city that never sleeps. Could that be because we are always saying - ‘on my way, stuck in traffic’ and constantly find ourselves on the road? On an average, an individual in Mumbai spends 2 hours just travelling to and fro work, every single day. That accounts for an individual carbon footprint of over 2000g CO2e generated daily. As of April 2022, the PM2.5 level in Mumbai’s air stands at 46.4 µg/m3, which is almost 09 times worse than the declared safe levels. Long intra city commutes caused by congestion and traffic are one of the top contributors to the city’s air pollution. Wybrid offers a solution to reduce the longest everyday commute- The Commute To Work, from 1hr to just 15 minutes by walk, cycle or e-bike. We create a pool of all the workspaces in the city and allow you to access any flexible workspace that’s closer to your residence, using a single membership. We bring the office to you. Future = A Hybrid World Work + Hybrid = Wybrid It’s Simple | Cost effective | Sustainable Using active modes of transport such as walk, cycle or e-bike for everyday needs like travelling to work can reduce the life cycle emissions by more than 10 times and if combined with effective electrification of general transport, it will prove to be an important accelerator in reaching the net zero emission status. Sounds good! I’m in. But what about my boss? At Wybrid, we believe that, to bring about actual change, we need to have all the stakeholders on the same page, and in this case on the same platform. Through our work super-app, we bring the business owners, individual workers and space owners on one platform, making it a highly convenient and an incentivised experience for all to activate hybrid work environments, consume hyper-locally and contribute to the city’s climate action plan. Being a part of the C40 cohort brings the local government and international expertise to this dynamic, opening up endless opportunities for collective action.

Could a catastrophic event like the 2020 pandemic have a silver lining? Turns out it did have one. In more ways than one, it reconnected us with our most basic selves. For the first time in most of our lifetimes we were forced to slow down and rethink our priorities. We realised how consumed we had become by capitalism. The pandemic force corrected the markets, brought permanent user behaviour change, gave us a glimpse of what the environment looks like with lowered human activity, and more. Being an entrepreneur, I was keen to find a solution to facilitate this reorganisation of priorities and seamlessly integrate it within the existing systems. Previously having founded a coworking company, I had gathered deep insights into the corporate world, workforce-workspace relationship, work culture, etc, which formed the basis and focus of my current project - Wybrid (The Green Future of Work).


The world around us is changing at a fast pace. Be it through black screens on our devices or smog screens in the atmosphere. We are standing at the tipping point, if we don’t change our direction, we will fall. However to bring about change is hard, let alone bringing it at a macro level. Being a post millennial, I have always had a strong sense of awareness when it comes to the climate crisis. At an individual level, I tried my best to make contributions towards sustainability, but to no avail. These micro efforts made by various people were not getting aggregated or leading to any macro change. The grey skies were a constant reminder of our failure to implement collective change. It was exhausting. Further, the general disregard for sustainability efforts in the mass was demotivating, making it hard to be consistent. I realised that the willingness to change the current ways of doing things needed to flow from top to bottom, from corporate and social leaders to individuals, and in collaboration with the government. Hence, when we came across the opportunity to bring the Business Owners, Individuals, Hyper Local Communities and Government on the same platform with Wybrid, we jumped at it. The potential of this platform to bring about actual measurable change the is what motivates me.

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