Carolina is an Architect (USFQ 2006) and Urban Environmental Manager (Wageningen University 2010). She has experience in urbanism, landscape design, and architecture, in a diversity of national and international contexts. She has worked on topics like sustainability and resilience, for example, by leading an interdisciplinary team to create an urban development plan for several cities, during the disaster response of the 2016 earthquake at Pedernales. She has been a teacher at UDLA and PUCE in Ecuador.


In 2012, she founded the environmental consultancy firm Ecodivercity. It works on design and advisory at different scales: city, neighbourhood, or building. She started the entrepreneurship Escape Natura in 2018, to reconnect people with nature. Its objective is to promote healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. Carolina has found a way to integrate her career and passion for nature in projects that enhance our environment and contribute to a better quality of life. 


Since I was a kid, I travelled to the Galapagos, a world-class natural laboratory. I understood what is life on our planet when human beings don`t destroy the ecosystems we and other species depend on for survival. Later, when I started working with cities, I realized that the values related to nature`s genius were ignored or even lost. I come from the most megadiverse country in the world, where if you leave the city for just a few kilometres, you find yourself in extremely rich habitats. I have noticed people change in that setting being more active, more relaxed, more open to socialize. I understood that a greener city, one that is more livable, can change the experience of each inhabitant and transform lives. I believe it is necessary to look back to nature to experience a different quality of life and to realize the impact of our lifestyle. 

Escape Natura is a platform to reconnect people with nature and to promote healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. It offers information about places to enjoy biodiversity, which is told from experience. Our current urban development patterns have jeopardized the environment in which we depend on for subsistence. Most cities have expanded as a mass of concrete, vanishing most nature trapped within. After centuries of urbanization, the negative impact of our practices on the environment has become evident, also threatening the quality of life. Escape Natura invites people to experience nature once again. In the platform, people can find articles about a diversity of content, like places to visit, interviews, products, and more. It is all available for free and is targeted through four main topics: adventure sports, inclusion, family, and pets. It is focused on the Ecuadorian context under a model that can scale up.