Professor of Environmental Science at the Technical University of Cotopaxi

Currently, I am a Professor of Environmental Science at the Technical University of Cotopaxi (UTC) in Latacunga, Ecuador. Before joining the University of Cotopaxi, I was in a master's of Science in Natural Resources Management (2013-2016) at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Physics, Russian State Hydrometeorological University. I authored publications in high impact journals in environmental sciences in Latin American and Russian, and I submitted my papers in international conferences. About my career in academic research, I won first place in the National Agroeconomic Research Contest (2016) organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAGAP). My current research interests focus on two topics: Water Pollution and Treatment Technologies applied in Latin American.


It is very common to hear, "No life without water", but the correct thing is " No life without clean water"; that's why my researches are focused on improving water quality through eco-technologies. The main reason to participate in Women4Climate is to expose the population of the Artificial Floating Islands system as an alternative to improve the water quality of the city of Quito. The implementation of the IFA in Quito can improve the quality of life of the population, guaranteeing for the present and future generations the access to clean water at low cost.

Artificial floating islands (AFI) offer an eco-innovative alternative in Quito where themes such as water quality, environmental sustainability, quality of life, beautiful landscape and costs are considered when implementing environmental management. AFI are floating treatment wetlands; the main structure is a matrix of floating support and plants. The operation is based on the removal of nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals and degradation of organic matter through the roots and surrounding submerged biofilm. The implementation of this system has economic advantages in terms of investment, operation, and maintenance. Despite the benefits of IFA in Quito still has not implemented this environmental technology. My current research interests focus on establishing the basis for the implementation of the IFA in Quito as structure, functions, materials and Ecuadorian plants to installation, operation and maintenance of the system and analyzes the efficiency of the AFI in removing nitrates and phosphates by the mathematical model of first-order kinetics model.