Hema Shrikant

Climate Club

During the fieldwork of Master in management, she felt the need to shift to the development sector, thus volunteered in several initiatives on public health, livelihood, environment and youth & marginalised children centric education. Later she pursued a Master in Education from Tata Institute of Social Studies, Mumbai. She founded a project to teach Life Skills, Environment sensitivity and literacy to school drop-out children. She is a Co-fouder of The Refillery, a project that aims to reduce single use plastic packaging in home and personal care products by refilling the old containers. She finds our collective action on Climate change as the need of the hour. She often finds herself learning about the planet and the ecosystem; describes herself as an extrovert person, is enthusiastic about the power of the youth to bring and adopt change. She also represented her district and college in national tournaments of Badminton.


'Climate Club' aims to promote discourse on climate & ecosystem among the youth and children in academic and non-academic spaces via integrated curriculum, action-research projects, screening of documentaries, and programs. I would also like to work in collaboration with national and state government education department on designing and dissemination of climate change curriculums in schools and colleges.This curriculum will enable the youth to think critically on the existing environmental problems, question the status quo and come forward with innovative and equitable solutions on climate problems.I would also like to introduce a climate change program in which children and youth act as change makers; who then act as the torch-bearers of positive climate action and solve environmental problems: locally and globally.

If we fail to limit the global temperature rise, then the youth, children and the next generations would face the adverse effects of Climate Change the most. In recent years, India is facing extreme weather events, and adding to that, India has a long coastal boarder, resulting in susceptibility to adverse climate disasters. Currently the discourse around climate change has just begun in India. However it hasn’t begun adequately in the academic and non-academic spaces of the youth and children. So, to fill this gap and develop deep scientific understanding of environmental issues among the youth, and masses, I thought of introducing a youth centric project on Climate Change education, Climate Club.


We, humans are a tiny part of the marvellous ecosystem of the planet. The change in climate is anthropogenic, thus we need to and we surely can amend our deeds to avert it. The discourse with youth and children about the climate change and environment would not only lead to conservation of the biodiversity but also to a better, clean and sustained future for humankind on the planet. Adding to it, this will also lead to people making informed choices that are aligned with environmental integrity and an equitable society.

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