The Sharing Farm

Sarah Drewery is the Executive Director of The Sharing Farm, a non profit farm which grows food using sustainable methods for donation to the food bank. She has led non-profit organizations for over 8 years, both in British Columbia and the UK. She has a Masters Degree in Archives & Records Management from UCL and prior to working at The Sharing Farm she worked in the heritage sector, in archives and museums.

She is passionate about organic agriculture, sustainability and connecting communities through urban farming.


The Sharing Farm is a 4-acre, urban farm, in Richmond, BC. We grow vegetables to supply charitable food distribution organizations. The Sharing Farm educates the community about sustainability through active volunteerism. Working together, The Sharing Farm addresses food security, promotes organic practices and provides meaningful volunteer opportunities for youth, adults and seniors alike.

Agriculture, with its growing contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions and opportunities to mitigate emissions is a huge player in the climate crisis. Our goal is to engage the public and increase our impact as a model of how food can be grown sustainably. We seek to champion sustainable agricultural techniques such as carbon sequestration, low food miles, low waste and encouraging biodiversity.