Project: Hotel Monville

Sarah was born in France and after completing a Master's degree in International Trade and Foreign Languages, she chose to work in the Hospitality Industry. After her first experience in a small hotel in the south of France, she moved to the United States and worked for 2 years in a large hotel chain. After participating at a conference about Canada in Paris, Sarah decided to discover this country. Ten years later she feels at home in Montreal. Sarah works for Hotel Monville as director of operations and is able to motivate and educate her colleagues about environmental impacts and sustainable development.


Since it’s opening, Hotel Monville has proactively tried to comply with sustainable development. The 269 hotel rooms are connected to Montreal businesses. They work with local providers such as Oneka (natural bath products), Lambert & Fils (lighting, Québec oak wood), etc. At the restaurant, the chef chooses local ingredients and has put in place a compost in their cafeteria. They also have an energy efficient heating and lighting. In June 2019, they will welcome their first bees on the terrace of the hotel as they have partnered with the bee company Alveole. However, they want to do more. Recently they created an environment committee in order to be strategic with each department of the hotel and to better communicate with what they do right and what they should work on.


Sarah has always been an avid traveller and spent a lot of time in developing countries around the world. Last year while in South East Asia, she realised more than ever that our overconsumption was leading to catastrophic environmental results. Upon her return to  Montreal, she wanted to be part of the change. She started to volunteer for different organisations (Equiterre, Zero Waste Festival, NousRire) and changed her way of consumption by adopting a zero-waste lifestyle as much as possible. At work, she tries to raise awareness among her colleagues and implement procedures to reduce the environmental impacts.

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