Project: ECOncrete

Dr. Perkol-Finkel, co-founder and CEO of ECOncrete Tech Ltd, has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of Marine Biology and Ecology in over 30 counties. Shimrit specializes in sustainable management of urban marine habitats and is considered an expert in eco-engineering of coastal and marine infrastructure. Shimrit has vast technical experience in design, development, evaluation, and monitoring of urban marine habitats, including conservation and enhancement at both species and habitat levels. 

Dr. Perkol-Finkel has led several large scale and long term projects like the EU funded MarUrbe project in Italy, and a waterfront enhancement scheme in Brooklyn Bridge Park NY. Shimrit serves as an ecological advisor for Israel’s marine spatial planning program, was one of the advisors for NY Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance’s Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines program and was involved in the ecological design of the federally funded “Living Breakwaters” SCAPE Team Project.

Shimrit holds a B.Sc. in Life Sciences, M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Zoology, all from Tel-Aviv University, and has conducted a post-doc in the University of Bologna, Italy (EU Marie Curie Fellow).


Shimrit has devoted her academic and professional career to sustainable development of urban, coastal and marine environments. In fact, ECOncrete was developed to reduce the ecological footprint of man-made infrastructures, and bridge the ever-increasing need bridging development and sustainability. Shimrit was recently selected as a We Empower awardee for her achievements in advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals, representing UN region Western Europe and Other including North America. ECOncrete addresses nearly half of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by sustaining marine resources, enhancing biodiversity, contributing to cleaner environments, and reducing carbon emission. The company’s bio-enhancing products, which are rich in recycled materials and byproducts, used in urban and coastal development projects address SDG 11 (sustainable cities), SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production), and SDG 9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure). At its core, ECOncrete increases marine biodiversity and productivity, creating precious marine habitats and improving ecosystem services in urban marine environments (SDG 14 — life below water). The life developing on the bio-enhanced concrete helps mitigate Climate Change (SDG 13 – Climate Action) and generate more adaptive and resilient coastlines. 

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