Shir Esh
and Liron Simon

Project: Airy

Shir Esh

Shir is an environmentalist by heart, passionate about environmental progress and sustainable lifestyle. Guided by her love for the nature and the urge to create perceptible solutions for environmental issues, she is currently pursuing a double Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science and Mechanical Engineering at Tel Aviv University. Shir works as a technical analyst for Fugen, a startup company in the renewable energy field.
Discharged at rank of Captain, Shir served as a Drone Pilot in the Israeli Air Force, working in a fast-growing field where there is room for innovation and taking initiative. Shir was the head of the technology division in a UAV squadron and worked with cutting-edge technologies. ​Among the projects she managed, Shir founded an advanced Flight Simulator and training center.

​In her early 20's, Shir dedicated a full year to volunteering in the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Taking part in establishing a community Greenhouse in the heart of a weak neighborhood, Shir helped creating an environmental and educational center for the benefit of the residence.


Ever since I can remember I was fascinated and enchanted by nature. As I grew older I became aware of environmental issues and started to gain knowledge in the field.  After graduating high school, I decided to take my affection for nature to the next level and dedicated a full year for volunteering in the Society for the Protection of Nature in Jerusalem. During this year, alongside comprehensive volunteering work, my environmental awareness grew as my understanding of the problems deepend. These experiences has contributed greatly to the formation of my guiding principles. 

As I came to realize how fragile and indispensable our planet is, it became clear to me
that there is an urgent necessity for protecting and preserving the natural world.
In light of these understandings and my interest and skills in science and applicable
engineering I chose to study Mechanical engineering and earth science.

I wish to help reducing carbon dioxide emission and reduce the greenhouse effect while
making life better and without demanding a change in common lifestyle, because
this kind of change may never happen. This dream is very big, but I believe
that with Airy we're taking the first steps towards achieving it.

Liron Simon

Liron has always deeply cared for the environment, and as a city dweller saw cities as a power of change. Convinced that understanding nature and technology is key to finding green solutions, she studies toward a double Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering & Geo-sciences at Tel-Aviv university. At the age of 22, Liron founded and managed an independent business which marketed handicrafts from artists based in Third World Countries.
She holds a Diploma in goldsmithing from "Shenkar" college of arts (Israel), and has worked with various clients as a Graphic Designer. During her military Service, Liron was tasked as the head operator in the IDF Spokesperson Unit, conducting daily briefings with reporters. She passionately advocates the notion of obtaining a sustainable solution to ecological problems by relying on nature, using technology to create the ideal conditions for the natural process. She thus carried out a research project, which resulted in founding the company Airy.


I spent much time pondering where I could best implement my passion for design, mathematics, creative problem solving and social responsibility. It was during my year-long travels through Asia that I realized there is only one field I’m passionate about that is broad enough to entail all those aspects – environmental action.
Traveling through countries rampant with poverty, I was astounded by the creative solutions local people had come up with for various problems. Their wiser allocation of resources and creation of little-to-no waste has become my inspiration. Moreover, the impacts of climate change on the places I have visited struck me, and compelled me to take action.

I grew to understand the power of cooperation, and discovered the importance of multidisciplinary studies as a means of creating innovative methods to generate a greener world. From a young age I drew satisfaction from nurturing and tending to animals and plants, and now as a young engineer, I hope to utilize my abilities to scale those actions.