Project: A.S.A.P: As Sustainable As Possible

Sophie MacNeill is a registered Landscape Architect and textile artist, holding degrees in Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design and Fine Arts. Greatly influenced by her natural surroundings, she is passionate about creating vibrant spaces that celebrate the mutual dependence between human and ecosystem health. Working on a variety of public realm projects at PWL Partnership in Vancouver, Sophie is honoured to serve as an environmental advocate and steward in a profession that demands creative problem solving in the face of alarming climate change projections. She is a Sustainable SITES Initiative Subject Matter Expert and passionately infuses ecological resiliency and community stewardship into every project. Sophie's artistic practice mirrors the professional, examining themes of ecology and connection. She uses textiles and stitching to cultivate a form of slow expressionism and her work has recently been featured on the cover of the international publication, Frankie Magazine. Sophie is a passionate member of various community groups in Vancouver, including the Elisabeth Rogers Community Garden and a small but fierce Feminist Book Club.


When thoughtfully designed, our built environments have the power to not only slow the rate of emissions, but also to realise regenerative potential for net positive strategies to help mitigate climate impacts. However, in order ensure positive contributions, we must significantly reduce the emissions required to build and maintain our urban landscapes. That is why I’m proposing ASAP: As Sustainable As Possible, an initiative that strives to measure and manage the performance of PWL’s projects to ensure that they are as sustainable as possible, regardless of client, size, budget or third party certification requirements.