Project: Diversion of Plastic from Landfill Using Education and Consumer-Driven Demand

Chloë is a citizen of the world. She was born and raised in Botswana, studied in South Africa and now calls Sydney home. She has a strong appreciation for nature and is fiercely committed to the reduction of climate change effects. Prior to starting her journey in sustainability, Chloë worked with major brands to optimise their marketing and communications using research. She loves the challenge of generating persuasive campaigns that creatively achieve behaviour change.

Chloë is a pragmatic climate activist with a sustainability portfolio career. With a particular penchant for the circular economy. She is a Director at Defy Design— a portable plastics-recycling factory and studio, as well as a Sustainability Engagement Coordinator at the City of Sydney looking after campaigns in the business sector.

She is also an artist and uses this platform to stimulate conversation around reduction of single-use packaging.


Over a year ago I was standing on the beautiful, tiny island of Nusa Lembongan just off the coast of Bali. Marvelling at a perfect pink sunset, dolphins swimming across the horizon and turtles in the bay, a small glance to the right delivered a very different scene. On my right was a vacant plot of land piled high with empty drink bottles— waste that tourism had generated and the island couldn’t cope with. Seeing these two scenes so starkly contrasted against one another I realised what a gargantuan and urgent task reduction of waste was and asked myself, “What can we do about this?”

In an age of time-poverty, convenience reigns supreme. The reality is that working full-time and raising a family means that decisions, like ‘what to make for dinner or buy for lunch?’ need to be convenient. And that usually means single-use packaging. I am convinced of two things:

  1. There is a need to facilitate easy decision making for consumers to reduce, reuse and recycle;

  2. There needs to be a viable market for recycled goods and a circular economy on packaging. This requires demand for recycled goods.

There are millions of people across Australia who want to make the right choice for the planet— but at the moment it’s just too difficult and we can’t be certain we are doing that. My commitment is to change that.