Project: Cemeteries- an open space for conservation of local flora and local cultures

I am an Architect, graduated the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology (Bachelor of Architecture, cum laude). Graduating student of Thesis Track Master's degree (MSc) at Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Tel Aviv University.

My research in environmental studies deals with vegetation in cemeteries. Asking to regard cemeteries as an open urban space, a Habitat and a space for conservation of the local flora and of local cultures.

I’m also a teacher in the private sector, Hiker of Israel Trail and Yoga practitioner.


Cemeteries exist in urban areas and are open spaces, conserving natural earth, enabling the growth of local vegetation. They also hold local cultural traditions, some of which are related with plants. Sustainable Gardening should reinforce these features, for the sake of simple and healthy maintenance of the area, strengthening the community's connection to the place and for the preservation of a variety of species.

I would like to formulate a policy for the implementation of sustainable gardening in cemeteries, which will enhance their character as a local plant species conserver, reduce the rate of invasive plants and the use of pesticides, and increase the value of the space as a kind of natural space within the urban space. I would also like to strengthen traditional gardening in the cemetery in favour of preserving these traditions and strengthening the community's connection to the place. I would like to find a way to integrate and assimilate the project in the local planning entities as well as the those managing the cemeteries. Sustainable gardening is for the benefit of nature and local species as well as for the benefit of humans, in creating a healthy space where local tradition instills a sense of belonging and security.


Hiking the Israel Trail we came along an area with strange looking stones, and only after I saw a beautiful Iris flower, which did not belong to that area, I understood we were standing in an old cemetery. This is where my Academic research was born, thinking of cemetery as a space where plants can survive for a very long time.

I would like to be more of a visitor than of an exploiter to earth. to leave a blossoming space where other organisms, humans, animals and plants can co-exist.