Project - The Red Worm Project

Lihi Rafaelov, born in Kiryat Ono, a TCM practitioner, environmental educator, international artist, weaving dreams into reality. Over the past 3 years I've been working as an agriculture teacher in Ahavat-Zion primary school in T.A., this is where the red worm project has initiated from. I have designed and built festival stages and art in Israel and England,  been part of an artists collective in the south T.A, teaching art craft workshops for adults and established 'Women-Weaving-Together' as part of my work with women & women empowerment groups. In my work I believe in seeing the higher value of our actions, creating holistic systems & designs that serve the greater goal we're working towards.


An environmental compost project based on treating and dealing with food waste using red worms, thus reducing garbage weight and gas emission in landfills, locally producing high organic fertiliser in wide spread across different institutions in the city while maintaining an educational vision looking 10 years forward on garbage treatment and education of the next generation.

We aim to educate the current and the next generation about the significance of treating food waste locally on the immediate and remote consequences of separating food waste from trash, and breaking the myths over worms and improving their public image.

Primary school students will be trained as "ambassadors" and they will support and accompany the processes in different institutions such as kindergartens, retirement homes and schools.

Providing the institute with a local productive, sustainable and possibly financial  high quality organic fertiliser that can sustain the institute and create enough fertiliser also for the green spaces in the institute itself.

Due to the food waste being separated from the trash- the total weight of trash will drop significantly- causing an immediate reduction of the carbon footprint this institute is producing and the reduction of gas emission in landfills. We chose to start with the institutions in order to create a new and normalised public perception toward the red worms and compost in general.


Life has shown me that there's no use for me to try and ignore things... they will come back to me like a boomerang. so, I couldn't close my eyes again and couldn't unlearn what I've learned. Also, I placed myself in a position where I need to keep the integrity of my words in front of my students to be the best personal example I can be. I decided to teach young children due to a realisation I had a while ago, education is the most anarchistic act I can do in this lifetime, creating the new world together with its future inhabitants, voters, workers and future decision makers.

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