Project: My Older Sister

Former head of professional services in a healthcare software startup. Industrial engineering graduate, an officer in the Israeli air force.  In my last position, I served as a founding team member, built the department from scratch to be the company’s core revenue. Mother to 3 little girls and spouse to Yotam.  

Today, I am a proud founder, of a sustainable venture “My Older Sister” , which enables parents to be sustainable parents, to give away and receive toys efficiently and easily. In between studying in Kellogg Recanati executive global MBA program.


My Older Sister is a community of neighbours who give away their toys and kids gear between each other in an easy efficient and focused method. Once a week we publish elective toys by children ages (New-born till 5 years old) for moms to pick up their choices.

My Older Sister neighbourhood toy give away project, is directed to be a chain in the urban area. Lots of families with too many toys. Making this venture a chain will make a huge impact on toy consumption and will make it easy for parents to be sustainable parents in the city, with minimum effort. Expanding this chain to be a global chain will create a change in the consumption habits of parents and is expected to dramatically reduce it. Less plastic in the world and educating parents and children to mind their purchases. I wish to develop this venture to be this global urban alternative for massive toy consumption in this program.

The idea for this venture is coming from its own name: My Older Sister. 7 years ago, when I was preparing my self and my home for my first child, I had lists of everything. Luckily - the budget was stable since I inherit practically everything related to babies from my older sister. And the years went by and I am still receiving stuff on a weekly basis from her: clothes, toys, gear etc.. Not everyone has a big sister to inherit all the kid’s stuff from!  This is how I started a small group of friends who became a community of moms.


My 3 little girls made it clear for me that my mission to make this world a better place for them. Our children are our future and they are my motivation to make it happen. I believe that commitment is the key to success, especially on the sustainability side, since these processes take time to reach the right and large audience and decision-makers.  

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