Project: ReTake

Yael is a mechanical engineer by trade and a serial innovator by nature. Cofounding a NY based enterprise-solution startup at the age of 21, she learned the ins and outs of online software development and CRM products. After selling her part of the business, she returned to Israel to study at Tel Aviv University and later completed her MBA at IE University in Spain. She worked as a PM at IAI, engineering a perpetual solar UAV to patrol borders with zero carbon footprint. In 2011, she founded Green Flash, manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce platform for sustainable consumer products, filling a void for environmentally-friendly consumer products in Israel. Green Flash was sold to a larger corporation in 2018 with over 400 selling points nation-wide. In late 2018, Yael accepted a role as a PM and Team Lead at Natural Intelligence. During this position, she founded ReTake, a non-profit initiative- a social platform startup aiming to eliminate single-use plastics from the food mobility industry.


ReTake app aims to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use food packaging in cities. Due to the growing food-mobility trend, cities are disposing of massive amounts of single-use plastic every day, elevating their carbon footprint to new levels, we are here to minimise that. ReTake begins with an app that enables its users to find restaurants and businesses that agree to fill reusable containers with their products.

We aim to utilise the mentorship program for: defining our roadmap, market education, city and business collaborations, supply chain management in later phases, to name a few.


Disposable plastic used for food mobility has always troubled me but it was only when I started working at a bigger company and saw the volumes of it pile up daily, I had to do something about it. Knowing that this practice is the norm at many companies and is a growing trend, dictates that a more sustainable solution has to be found.