Project: IRMI - The Israeli Raw Materials Resource Forum for the Construction and Infrastructure Industries

Adi is an urban planner with expertise in green and sustainable initiatives, a construction waste treatment consultant and a serial entrepreneur. She founded and chairs IRMI – the Israeli Raw Materials Innovation Forum; and co-founded Eden, a wood recycling factory. Adi is also an academic advisor and lecturer, focusing on policy, environmental regulation and planning, treatment and recycling of construction waste, green initiatives, waste management and the use of recycling waste into resources for the construction and infrastructure industries in Israel.

Adi finds inspiration in observing her surroundings and loves to research, write and publish articles about the design of urban spaces and environmental entrepreneurship.


Her main focus currently is the strive to make Israel a pioneer nation in resource innovation for the construction and infrastructure industries, and this goal led to the creation of IRMI. The Forum aims to teach and distribute knowledge about manufacturing processes, advanced technologies, robotics, and biomimicry, as innovative approaches to resource management in building and infrastructure projects. The Forum will manage databases; attend to the documentation of construction and infrastructure projects that use both natural and recycled raw materials; produce meetings and conferences with experts from Israel and the world.


When I was a young Geography student at Tel Aviv University, I was inspired by a course taught by Prof. Hadas Saaroni. The things I learned from her about climate change and its impact on cities and people stayed with me, motivated my work throughout the years, and still resonate with me today.

Currently, based on my professional experience, I am enthusiastic to understand the connections between the use of natural/recycled raw materials, impacts of mining and quarrying and the production of concrete, and how they affect the environment, the quality of our lives and climate changes in Israel and around the world.

My main goal is to share my life experiences and accumulated knowledge with others and help to create a better and more sustainable planet. I work toward this goal by promoting my dreams, such as the establishment of IRMI – The Israeli Raw Materials Innovation Forum for the Construction and Infrastructure Industries. In order to best achieve my goal, I need to develop skills related to accessing databases, particularly research conducted in academia and in different industries, addressing the impacts of raw materials for the construction and infrastructure industry on global climate change. I further want to develop skills in raising investments and connecting to venture capital funds in the field of raw material innovation, and I intend to share this initiative and develop a network of experts with similar entities around the world.

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