Project: Eco Model Home

Dikla Zisman has a Master’s Degree in Bio-Medical Engineering from the Technion University in Haifa, Israel. After graduation, she was employed in startups high-tech companies. However, she soon realised that was not where her true interest was. Following the birth of her first daughter, she saw how easy we ignore the dangers facing our planet nowadays and she worried about the kind of legacy that we are leaving for our children. She left her field and dedicated time and energy to environmental causes. She self-educated and also attended and participated in a wide range of training, classes and projects on agriculture, clean-air, biodiversity and ecological balance.

Dikla travelled around the world with her four daughters and husband and was immersed in a wide range of cultures and communities. More and more she learned how everyone can contribute to the goal of conservation and to a healthier planet. Just because the environment is a big issue, it does not mean each of us cannot do our part to help out.

Dikla began thinking globally and acting locally.  


Eco Model Home is a living example and implementation of healthy, sustainable, beautiful home in Tel Aviv. This home will enhance pioneering thinking and add knowledge while fighting ignorance and offering environmental tools for sustainable living.


My commitment and passion for creating a better and more sustainable planet is reflected all through my past work in different environmental projects. While living at a military base I introduced a recycling system, persuaded residents about the benefits of composting and created several ones around the base. I established cooperatives and community gardens while volunteering in fostering and water conservation.

Through hard work, dedication and environmental networking, I was selected by the European Union SwitchMed Program where I taught entrepreneurs the benefits of a healthy social economy through environmental business.

I managed a project aimed to reduce electricity, water and waste consumption. I joined an international group, EchoPeace, spending time in Jordan studying Bio-Dynamic agriculture. The group promoted a friendly and working relationship between Jordanian and Israeli farmers collaborating on ecological agriculture. I also volunteered at a Health Community for Cancer patients trying to cope with their illness through healthy eating, access to raw organic food, meditation and nature.

My current Eco Model Homes project in Tel Aviv-Yafo is another example of my commitment toward an effective way to disseminate the advantages of sustainable green and energy efficient homes. Let’s keep our focus: To respect and protect our planet through partnerships and shared goals by creating environmentally friendly building practices and sustainable green homes that will reduce energy and conserve our natural resources and ecosystems.