Limor Sagiv

Project: Women's Networks: Urban Power to Tackle Climate Change

Galia is the Community and public Involvement coordinator in Tel Aviv-Yafo community of the Society for the protection of nature in Israel (SPNI). She holds a Master Degree (MA) from Porter school of environmental studies at Tel Aviv University and a Master Degree in History from The Hebrew University. Prior to working in the sustainability field, she was a senior journalist in major media channels of Israel.

Throughout her studies and work, Galia focused on social and cultural issues concerning the environmental crisis, in an effort to identify the large circles that are being affected by the crisis, but also how to solve it. As a part of her work, Galia coordinates groups of residents who struggle to protect important local urban nature sights, organizes public outdoors events and acts to influence public opinion through conventional and social media.     


My project will focus on forming women's networks in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, based on existing local groups of women. Those networks will leverage the group's enormous potential in order to create a major force in the urban fight against climate change.   

The force of women-led organisations in Tel Aviv-Yafo has a great potential to become a major player in the fight against climate change. In order to do so, every group should better understand core environmental and sustainability issues, in order to effectively pursue local projects such as promoting healthy lifestyle, maintaining local natural habitats or educating residents about energy efficiency. These projects will greatly contribute to easing urban heat islands, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making the city and its neighborhoods a better place to live. In addition, they will support relief networks for the poor, the elderly, post-natal women’s health, small business and more. All these issues relate to urban sustainability and are all influenced by the environmental threat.


In my professional capacity, I am guided by an attempt to preserve remnants of unique natural habitats eroded by urban sprawl and to turn central Israeli cities into better places to live. Those targets are being achieved by building healthy and devoted communities against negative environmental issues. I have learned that women are a great force to act upon this issue and achieve long-lasting goals. I believe that cities, and their constant flowing human mass, can be the real hope for innovative solutions for a better and sustainable world.