Project: Sustainable Fashion Forum

Illana Leizin studied industrial design, art and cinema. She opened an independent fashion brand and worked with small designers and in a large fashion chain. She’s always been passionate about the environment and she tries to follow a life where she contributes the least negatively to the environment.

She cycles to work, she follows a vegetarian diet and she avoids disposables. However, it was only when she started working for fashion (industry) that she realised the negative impact it has for the environment.  She believes the amount of raw materials, work, and transportation needed, is some of the times, unnecessary (supporting consumption culture thus creating long-term ecological impact). Illana was amazed to learn about sustainable fashion activity (and research) in the US and Europe. Then, she finished her masters (in Tel Aviv University), where she studied and researched sustainable fashion, upcycling and environmental behaviour for designers and customers.


I am living and advocating a sustainable lifestyle, such as zero waste, slow fashion and food, alternative transportation, animal rights and more. I am part of the neighbourhoods compost community, I organize bike repair events and exchange vegan recipes. Israel is creating an exacerbate waste to capita (while textile is about 5% of it), and the (local) fashion market is dominated by big brands and crushes independent designers. Policymakers focus their environmental work on a deal with water treatment and ground pollution but leave out the importance of reducing the problems in the beginning, with raw materials, (pesticides, labor issues and other fashion industry's related impact).

I believe it’s contradictory to think recycling is the best practice when purchasing cheap fashion items - and not knowing the negative environmental impact they might have. I intend to advocate for a society that understands that we can have sustainable lives for cheaper as well and my goal is to be a part of a big cultural change. Fashion is more than dressing up and I believe I can help people understand the identity of fashion (culture). Israel signed the Paris agreement to reduce greenhouse gases emissions and therefore to reduce its impact on climate change. Sustainable fashion, smart design and consumption is also a way to achieve these goals.