Shir Esh &
Liron Simon

Project: Airy


Shir is an environmentalist by heart, passionate about environmental action and sustainable lifestyle. Guided by her love for the environment and the urge to create solutions for environmental issues, she is currently pursuing a double Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science and Mechanical Engineering at Tel Aviv University. Alongside her studies, Shir works as a technical analyst for Fugen, a startup company in the renewable energy field.

Shir served as a Drone Pilot in the Israeli Air Force, ranked Captain, working in a fast-growing field where there is room for innovation and taking initiative. Shir was the head of the technology division in a UAV squadron and worked with cutting-edge technologies. Among the projects she managed, Shir founded an advanced Flight Simulator and training center.

In her early 20's, Shir dedicated a full year to volunteering in the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Taking part in establishing a community Greenhouse in the heart of a weak neighborhood, Shir helped in creating an environmental and educational center for the benefit of the residence.


Liron has always deeply cared for the environment and believes that cities can be a power of change. Convinced that understanding nature and technology is key to find effective solutions to ecological problems, she is currently pursuing a double bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Geo-Sciences from Tel-Aviv University. She also holds a Diploma in goldsmithing from Shenkar College of Arts in Israel and has worked with international companies as a Graphic Designer.

At the age of 22, Liron founded and managed an independent business which marketed handicrafts from artists based in Third World Countries.

Prior to that, Liron enrolled in the Israeli military and was tasked as the head operator in the IDF Spokesperson Unit, conducting daily briefings with reporters. 

She passionately advocates obtaining effective sustainable solutions to ecological problems by relying on nature and making use of technology to create ideal conditions for natural processes. She thus carried out a research project, which resulted in founding the company Airy.


A plant-based solution for cities, based on the extraordinary qualities of moss that is applied to the exterior of existing buildings. While bringing back natural aesthetics to the city, we address issues of excessive greenhouse gases, breathable pollutants, sound pollution and the reduction of electricity consumption.

Airy is a company geared towards restoring balance to cities, by using Moss Stickers that are tailor-made for the local climate.

Airy targets the places where the citizens spend most of their time, placing the Moss Stickers vertically or horizontally, on existing structures. Thus, allowing the community to take part in the journey of environmental improvement in one installation step.

Relying on nature’s own inventions for this purpose, Airy focuses on moss specifically as moss was scientifically proven to have a vast capacity for absorbing greenhouse gasses while filtering the air from breathable pollutants.

Maximizing our opportunity, we design our sticker solution as an acoustic and thermal insulator. That way the Moss Stickers can reduce up to 20% of electricity consumption caused by temperature control, and reduce sound pollution.

Placing much importance on visuals, Airy Moss Stickers also provides a boost of natural aesthetics to the urban scenery, without interfering with existing fixtures.