Project: International Environmental Economics Studies for High-School Students

Shiri is an experienced industrial and policy environmental consultant, certified Israeli accountant. She holds an MA in environmental resource management and she is passionate about environmental economics and industrial process.

Shiri’s experience is largely focused on environmental policy design and industrial process implementation in the fields of waste management and energy efficiency. Most of her projects are based on academic research, data-analysis and are usually involved with the creation of unique IT-based tools. From this combination, Shiri has gained a comprehensive understanding of an insight about successful and unsuccessful environmental initiatives in the scope of a governmental and industrial interface. In addition, Shiri is teaching environmental economics in Israel.


As an extreme sports’ athlete myself, I  run long distances, climb mountains, and swim in the open sea, nature has always been the biggest inspiration for me; as it is where it all happens. I celebrate these precious moments with my dearest friends also has given me the power and motivation to dedicate my career path towards preserving the environment, so these moments are preserved as well.

My motivation to help our environment is to keep our planet as beautiful as it is. To do so, I want to be a part of the change in the way society treats and understands the economy. In my perspective, the economy is not a science and thus we shouldn't aim to maximize economic output by paying high social-environmental prices. For those reasons, I want to promote the use of the economy as a tool to help humanity to interact with one another while using our neutral resources in a proper and sustainable manner.