Project: TULU, a customized product storage located right in your building.

Yael is a Tel-Aviv Yafo based environmental entrepreneur. She is passionate about sustainability and has an MSc. in Environmental science from Tel Aviv University. Her training includes a Columbia University Transboundary environmental management course, summer program at the Heller school in Brandeis University and exchange semester in SciencesPo, Paris. 

She is an activist in the fields of climate mitigation, peace, and public transportation and volunteers in 'Green Course', the largest environmental organization in Israel.


She is the CMO and founding partner at TULU (MIT DesignX collaboration), a smart solution to share high-quality home amenities and household objects, in order to reduce the cost of living, create energy efficiency and reduce emissions. She is a public speaker and talks about leadership, shared economy, sustainability, and urbanism. She believes in creating solutions to environmental problems and passionate about finding these solutions in cities.



I’ve been always interested in the environment. After I graduated from high school, I worked as a tour guide in 'Nature and Parks Authority', in southern Israel.  I've always tried to reduce my own negative impact on our planet, I usually buy second-hand clothes, recycle and produce less trash. In my early twenties, as a student in Paris, I had my first academic contact with climate change, when I took a class in Climate Politics. I had the chance to attend the Paris Climate Conference and it was then that I realised I had to take a bigger active role. I started attending protests and demonstrations and it was clear to me that the climate crisis is not only about the climate, but it’s also about democracy and the distribution of power.

I decided to start from my base-town, Tel-Aviv0 Yafo, to promote shared economy and reduce emissions. I believe that change in our industries and consumption habits is necessary because I am part of the last generation that can still make a big difference and change the paradigm of climate change, and I will fight for that.

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