Project: League For a Green Future

Jane Ji is an award-winning game designer and producer. In tandem with her team, she created the award-winning kids mobile game series iBiome. As a co-founder of Springbay Studio, Jane created the iBiome series in 2014 to educate children and create a generation that cares about conservation and climate change. Her first game in the iBiome series, iBiome-Wetland, produced many notable awards, including Best STEM app 2015 from the American Association of School Librarians. Her second game in the series, iBiome-Ocean, has been featured by Apple’s iTunes Store worldwide a few times, and has been recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme. In her newest game, iBiome-Changing Ice, Jane invites kids to play with climate change scenarios, setup their goals to reduce their eco-footprint, and use AR technologies to track their sustainable real life choices.


It’s a year-around kids-to-kids competition that will recognize the top learners, the best hands-on projects about nature, and the smallest eco-footprint as tracked by the AR technology built in our new game.

The project has three key focuses: play to learn, play to win and play for our future.

Play to learn

Kids build virtual habitats, manipulate climate change scenarios, and experience how our everyday choices affect the world around us, through gaming.

Play to win

We will host year round kids-to-kids competitions that will recognize the top learners, the best hands-on projects about nature, and the smallest eco-footprint as tracked by the AR technology built in our new game.  

Play for Our Future

We aim to gamify children’ environmental first steps to inspire them take action and become lifelong learners and doers.

Potential Impact

We expect that on average each kid can save 0.5 ton of GHG emission per year by participating in this League program. The more children we could serve worldwide, the bigger measurable GHG reduction we can achieve. We build our games to scale globally. We are localization-ready and can expand to any C40 cities, allowing us to grow in an aggressive way.

In her Earth Day 2018 Google doodle video, Dr. Jane Goodall said: “Every single individual matters, every single individual makes some impact on the planet every single day, and we have a choice as to what kind of difference we are going to make.”

It is critically important to nurture the young minds with an important understanding of how we depend on our environment.  I want to build a program, where kids are more engaged with climate change through fun activities and see the hope of our future by reducing their GHG emissions in the real world.


Climate change is the most unprecedented crisis facing humanity right now. Every decision we make as an individual does not seem much, and the catastrophic consequence of climate change can not be easily seen. That’s the dangerous part of this crisis. I want to use technology to help our future generations experience climate change through the media they love and to show them the hope in our future when we all start reducing our eco-footprint.

I am a mother and am committed to best use my professional skills to help build a more sustainable future that starts with us.

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