Project: The Zero Waste Refillable Market On Wheels

I have started the grass-roots neighbourhood group “Climate Change in Mount Dennis” where we combat the effects of climate change through local partnerships by educating and providing events and opportunities for the community.

As I have worked with various populations through my studies in Early Childhood Education & Social Service Work, I’ve grown to see the influence of our environment playing a pivotal role in the social determinants of our health. Leading to my mission and passion to bridge the gaps and neglect upon priority neighborhoods of Toronto, nationally and globally.

I also strive to be an example as creative eco-conscious individual through my business “Second Life Sentimentals” where I create unique car décor by repurposing boxboard cardboard materials that would have otherwise been sent to the recycling or waste plants, turned into a sentimental treasure!


The Zero Waste Refillable Market On Wheels will bring accessibility of kitchen and home staples to priority neighborhoods in Toronto that live in food deserts. This market will introduce and normalize sustainable waste management as it encourages communities in stopping the cycle of buying single use packaged items from stores, and instead utilize those clean containers from home to bring to our market on wheels for refill. By driving to food deserts of Toronto, we reduce priority neighborhoods’ carbon footprint they would have otherwise used in travelling by car, transit, or through packaged waste production.

Our goal is to provide dried bulk foods that is gluten & allergen free, and natural home cleaners & self-care products ready for refill for residents living in priority neighborhoods of Toronto.

The Zero Waste Refillable Market On Wheels will have an influence on the circular economy focusing on reducing communal and individual levels of waste production through normalizing the “zero waste lifestyle.” By giving access through our mobile Market, communities will be able to partake in an eco-conscious initiative at an affordable rate.

Through my interest of following a more zero waste and minimalist way of living, I noticed most zero waste and bulk goods shops are placed in shopping centres, plazas or along main streets outside of what is labelled a “priority neighbourhood” in Toronto.  The gap was evident to myself, as a resident of Mount Dennis seeing what is of easier access to our community with the development of fast food and convenience stores in closer proximity than a diverse grocery store. Also being a person with food allergies, I want to provide a mobile market with various affordable dietary restrictions.


The Zero Waste Refillable Market On Wheels reframes the narrative of stressors that can come with waste management for individuals or families, by making use of clean containers one already has. I want to normalize frugality and eco-conscious initiatives we can all partake in that is easier than we think!

Through this solution, I strive to provide healthier grocery shopping that is accessible to priority neighborhoods nationally and globally. I believe my solution provides a foundation to one’s snacks and meals where an array of recipes can be developed towards the diverse cultures that can be learned by all.

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