Project: Green the Grid

Tricia is a passionate business person and environmentalist, she believes the biggest levers to averting a climate crisis can be made by businesses. Trish works for Flow Power, an innovative energy retailer disrupting the energy market. Key to her role is facilitating access to renewable energy for a wider range of businesses using innovative models to help them access low cost renewables while also supporting wind and solar generators to connect to our grid, seeding a low carbon energy mix for Australia.

Trish has over 12 years’ experience working in, government, mining, health, construction, property and manufacturing sectors. Having worked in the energy and sustainability industry both in Australia and overseas, she is passionate about finding low carbon solutions for businesses that have robust business cases, helping them stay ahead of the curve and decarbonise our energy system.

Trish holds a bachelors and master’s degree from Macquarie University and is currently studying an MBA majoring in Sustainable Business.


My role in our energy transition is to challenge the ways organisations and businesses interact with their energy systems. Through developing a business case that shifts their paradigm from old world to new, I help organisations to interact with the energy market, so they can take advantage of energy flows and the cheapest form of new generation available in the market, renewables. 

My mission is to find the organisations that can play a role in the energy transition, through accessing the market that gives clear energy signals, engaging with renewable energy generators, utilising distributed energy systems and storage technologies that will support Australia’s transition to a low carbon electricity mix. I have always believed in the agility of the private sector and state governments to make the right choices and act quickly. If I am successful, I will have helped transition 80 GWh of energy use towards the system of the future.


For as long as I can remember, I have had this sense that the environment, the “Eden”, I knew as a child was slipping away. I want to use my skills and experience to raise awareness and most importantly to provide impactful solutions that can be acted upon and create tangible results. I believe that action on climate change is the only thing worth building my life and career on so that I can help protect and rebuild the Eden that I love.

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