Ursula Fiorela
Navarro Abarca

Project: RECICOOL “Cooling without warming the environment”

Ursula Navarro is a student of Environmental Engineering, a career that has allowed her to understand the integral management of inclusive solid waste in depth. She has experience in volunteering and has lived abroad, inspiring her research work on the contribution made by recyclers in Peru, Brazil, and Colombia. These experiences allowed her to express her interest in social and environmental work in an active, creative, and intellectual way, with special admiration to the recyclers, because of, as a girl, together with her mother, they collected plastic bottles to give them to her great-grandfather, a man who lived on recycling.


RECICOOL “Cooling without warming the environment” seeks to mitigate heat waves in vulnerable populations, strengthen recyclers’ knowledge, and managing massive plastic production. Its implementation is divided into three stages: Training recyclers on climate change issues; construction of cooling points by reusing waste and solar panels; and implementation in public spaces affected by higher risk of heat waves. The impact of the project will be reflected in the reduction of the purchase of air conditioning, which would lead to lower generation of greenhouse gases with refrigerants through free access to RECICOOL points.


She dreams of seeing more men and women committed to the environment in Lima and implementing clean technologies, involving the participation of recyclers to deal with the climate crisis. That is why she is committed to social inclusion, where everyone is recognized as agents of social and environmental change. Her commitment is to value the key role that recycling workers represent in the development of the circular economy.