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Hello, my name is Valérie! I am an executive marketer, versatile and passionate individual, dedicated to creating positive impact in the world. Throughout my career, I earned reputation as a visionary marketer and leader; achieved Marketing Personality of the year award in 2021 for my leading engagement in diversity and inclusion. After a 20+ years' career as an executive leader in the marketing and communication industry, I’ve recognized the urgency to devote all efforts to a more sustainable world and to become an active agent of the biggest transformation yet to happen.


Masse Critique is a nonprofit intelligence network, a collective of like-minded people from the marketing and creative industry, aiming to reshape our industry to fight climate change and promote social responsibility. We are committed to using our knowledge and creativity as a force for good. We need to re-architect people’s demands and expectations towards more sustainable products and services, and make them attractive and desirable. As the engineers of demand, our industry is uniquely placed to rise to this challenge and meet this need. From creatives and communicators, to scientists and sustainability consultants - we are building a powerful collective of cross-sector change-makers who are learning, sharing, collaborating and taking action.

Throughout my years as an executive leader in marketing, the inconsistency between my own personal beliefs and actions for the planet and my day-to-day job became more and more evident. So I've decided to quit and turn this cognitive dissonance in action. The industry’s challenge for the next decade is to turn its skills of creativity, imagination, planning, analytics, and activation to drive tangible transformation in society – and I know I can be an asset in this transformation. The advertising industry needs to step into the responsibility of helping to address our climate and ecological emergency.


After 25 years in the industry and a good story of success, I went back to school to get a Master in sustainability. I don't want to be part of the problem anymore, I want to be part of the solution! I have built a solid history of success in creating purpose-driven brands and businesses to take the transformational steps to a responsible, sustainable, and commercially successful future. There is no brief more urgent than this one!

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Bonjour, je m’appelle Valérie! Je suis une marketeuse exécutive, polyvalente et passionnée, dédiée à créer un impact positif dans le monde.

Tout au long de ma carrière, j’ai acquis la réputation d’une spécialiste du marketing et d’une dirigeante visionnaire; j’ai reçu le prix de la personnalité marketing de l’année en 2021 pour mon engagement en faveur de la diversité et de l’inclusion.

Après plus de 20 ans de carrière en tant que dirigeante dans le secteur du marketing et de la communication, j’ai compris qu’il était urgent de consacrer tous les efforts à un monde plus durable et à devenir une agente active de la plus grande transformation à venir.

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