Project: Babies for Climate Action

Babies for Climate Action (B4CA) Vancouver is a grassroots, collaboratively-led community, born of our love and hope for our children’s futures. There are over 160 verified members on Facebook, representing approximately 550-600 individuals. We meet in person, online, and host events. Our members seek to influence their communities, calling for divestment, reductions to carbon emissions, conservation, and green practices. Our far reach and deep commitment represent vast potential for climate impact at different levels.

As a young grassroots initiative, I’m striving to: make B4CA resilient and sustainable; build the capacity needed to support our many emerging initiatives; and mentor others emerging B4CA groups. Our group’s goals include:

  • Encouraging government action to slow climate change and mitigate its effects,
  • Spearheading local cultural transformation towards eco- friendly lifestyles for young families,
  • Becoming a space of hope through personal networks of support, and sharing knowledge with families facing climate uncertainty.