Xènia Elias

Project: zero waste bcn

Apart from being a Social Educator, Xènia completed Master's and Bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies and has a background in music, food, Chinese herbology and literature. Passionate about sharing what she has learnt, from the young age she’s been giving private lessons on different topics and has published articles in magazines. Harper Adams University's “Food & The City” course was her first contact with food waste. She participates in activities with Espigoladors and “Take advantage of Food” Platform (Plataforma Aprofitem els Aliments) and also energises independent food recovery networks in Barcelona. Within the zero waste movement - apart from the kitchen - she is especially interested in the reuse of textile materials (she has also created the “Coverds Barcelona project”) and the creation of solutions collaboratively. This is how the zero waste bcn association emerged which disseminates information and gives training on more sustainable ways of living. In addition to coordinating the team and managing communications, she is currently responsible for the creation of educational content in the zero waste bcn association.


zero waste bcn was officially born in 2018, but already since 2016 our work focuses on zero waste. Our mission is to raise awareness about waste generation and waste of resources in Barcelona and the surroundings. We also provide tools and knowledge to lead a lifestyle without waste, self-sufficient and responsible for beings and the environment. Our values ​​(ecofeminism, collaboration, antispeciesism) are woven into all of our activities, complementing the main objective of sustainability, but with this added value. We organise lectures and talks accompanied by practical workshops in which, after a theoretical context is introduced and a debate takes place, a product or recipe is developed to put into practice what has been learned and take into account real and tangible alternatives. We mainly work on prevention, which we believe is the most important thing in sustainability, and we do it both in community centres, during municipal events, as well as in private companies and educational institutions. Around 200 people attend our activities every month.


It all started with food, I think it is one of the most important elements in culture and social life of people. While participating in a course on food, I saw photographs of mountains of bananas that were to be thrown away and I couldn't believe it. I was very angry and decided that something had to be done. Since then, the engine started and so far, has not stopped. It motivates me to continue seeing that our work really has an impact on people and that we are really changing the world.

My motivation is to see that with some effort we can make a difference. We must not create a better planet, we must be better people ourselves, respect the environment and rebuild what we have destroyed. My commitment is to support each other in order not to lose strength.

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