Project: ReTake

ReTake app aims to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use food packaging in Tel-Aviv Yafo. Due to the growing food-mobility trend, cities are disposing of massive amounts of single-use plastic every day, elevating their carbon footprint to new levels, and the solution ReTake, aims to minimise that.

The app value is delivered in different phases: customers use the app to identify waste-aware restaurants across the city, afterward, with the newfound usage data, the team at ReTake facilitates reusable containers at the restaurants. The final phase of the project aims at enabling a network of reusable containers to be used around the city for food delivery and takeaway options. The app is developed to address both the market education required with incentives and partnerships, while enabling a feasible solution with technology.

About Yael Arbel

Yael is a mechanical engineer by trade but a serial green innovator by nature. From the age of 16, when she first realised how substantial her own daily routine was to the ecosystem she lived in, everything started to revolve around the ecosystem. After engineering a perpetual solar UAV and blade-less wind turbine to enable green energy where it wasn't available before, she set off to convert less-aware users to join her vision. In 2011, she founded Green Flash, an e-commerce platform for sustainable consumer products. In order to reach a sustainable scale, she needed to get involved in local manufacturing, as well as some import and export. With her precise and unique supply-chain management, the new brand was distributed in over 400 locations nationwide and reached the hands of many non-eco consumers that had never realised the impact of their purchases. Green Flash was sold to a bigger corporation in 2018. Yael stayed on as a consultant for another year. In late 2018, Yael started working as a product manager at a high tech company where she witnessed the massive volume of disposable plastic being used and disposed of on a daily basis when employees ordered in their lunch.